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Celebrate Mardi Gras! A Colorful and Historic Festival

Happy Mardi Gras! This rich, historical festival tradition is traced back to medieval Europe and through the ages was brought to an area of land 60 miles south of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1699 by French-Canadian explore Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville. In 1703, this tiny settlement, called Fort Louis de la Mobile, celebrated America’s first Mardi Gras.

The colors of purple, gold and green have a complicated history though these Mardi Gras hues can be traced back to the 1872 parade, where newspapers of the day highlighted a proclamation from the King of the
Carnival that all balconies were to be draped in purple, gold and green. Though no reason was given, in 1892, the parade theme “Symbolism of Colors” provided a meaning to each — Purple represents Justice, Green represents Faith, and Gold represents Power. Here are six Mardi Gras color palettes to inspire:


Mardi Gras Carnival Parade, New Orleans, Louisiana. Image Credit: wikipedia



Street lamp and beads, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana. Image Credit: Getty Images



Mardi Gras Parade, New Orleans, Louisiana. Image Credit: Getty Images



New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras mask hanging on balcony's railing. Image Credit: Getty Images



A building located in the French Quarter decorated for Mardi Gras. Image Credit: Getty Images



East Texas version of Mardi Gras Parade Festivities. Image Credit: Wikipedia


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All images used with permission from Getty Images and Wikipedia Creative Commons licenses