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BuzziSpace Debuts New and Expanded Collections at NeoCon 2015

Design Trends

BuzziSpace, the young and vibrant, award-winning company, has updated and expanded some of its collections, all showing at this year’s NeoCon 2015. This exciting company always draws large crowds into its showroom each year to check out the latest in its forward-thinking designs

BuzziPicNic, a collection that was designed as collaborative workstations with built-in connectivity, and originally debuted in 2014. This year’s updates include new shades of color – Ash WhiteWash, Ash Yellow, Ash Green, Ash
Blue and Ash Red – as well as an expanded collection of product from the 2014 launch – BuzziPicNic Workbench, BuzziPicNic Meet, BuzziPicNic Side, and BuzziPicNic Desk, which allow for maximum flexibility in privacy, collaboration and height adjustment. BuzziBreeze is its outdoor workstation collection that
also debuted this year.


Photo Credit: BuzziSpace




Photo Credits: Sara McLean

BuzziFalls, designed to tackle the privacy challenges of open floor plans, is a room dividing solution that also looks like an art piece. Designed to be hung from the ceiling, BuzziFalls comes in seven motifs – Birch, Alhambra, Rain, Orient, Leaf, Royal and Skyline.


Photo Credit: BuzziSpace



Photo Credits: Sara McLean

BuzziDonut, a multipurpose lighting solution in either ceiling-mount or wall-mount, is made from acoustic, eco-friendly materials and is shaped like a donut.BuzziDonut__2_.jpg

Photo Credit: BuzziSpace


Photos Credit: Sara McLean

BuzziCactus, shaped like a cactus, provides acoustical and privacy support in open-space environments.


Photo Credit: Sara McLean

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