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Bring Life to an Old Door With Paint

Design Trends

With everything reviving for spring and summer, it's time to breathe new life into your home's exterior. Painting an exterior door is a simple and easy way to create a new look for a home. With fresh paint, the door appears brand new and increases the curb appeal of your home.

Be Bold: Think outside the usual white front door by painting it a bold, bright color such as a vibrant green, red or yellow. Choose a color that compliments the exterior of the rest of the home, but also makes a statement. Passersby will do a double take and pause to admire the beauty of your home.

Keep It Clean: Make sure you tape off any windows, trim and doors to keep the fresh coat of paint looking clean and neat. Having paint splattered on trim and over glass undermines the attempt to shed positive light on an old door. A precision, quality job is best when you're trying to create a new look for a home with paint.

Accent the Color: If you find you love the new color or your door so much you want to incorporate it elsewhere on your exterior, consider painting your shutters the same color. Alternatively, choose a lighter shade of the door color to add depth and spread the focus to the entire home instead of just the door.

Take Cues From Nature: When you're uncertain what color works best on your door, take a step back and view the whole picture, including your landscaping. Examine colors from favorite flowers, trees or shrubs and see if any of them works for your door.

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