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Bright Citrus Colors Can Work Without Being Overwhelming

Design Trends

Warmth and sunshine lights an interior year-round when bright citrus paint colors reside upon the walls. It's a fun, creative challenge to incorporate yellow and orange in a home but with informed painting tips for designers, it appears effortless and fresh. Here are some tips:

  • Looking Up: Painting a ceiling a warm yellow color evokes sensation of summer sunshine even on the cool, overcast days. Bring in touches of orange on furnishings like accent pillows and throws and the whole space has a cheery, welcoming disposition.
  • Invigorating Bathroom Oasis: Incorporating shades of yellow and orange in a bathroom are a great way to feel invigorated during a morning shower. The right shade of yellow that isn't overly bright or soft and an orange with some punch transforms any bathroom into an invigorating citrus grove oasis.

  • Traditional and Earthy: Orange and yellow aren't restricted to modern and contemporary rooms. Important among painting tips for designers is remembering that there's the potential for a variety of colors to work in different styles when the right shades and hues are chosen. A traditional room filled with deep, wood tones benefits from rich reddish orange on the walls and accents of yellow-orange. These more sophisticated shades of orange and yellow give the space an earthy, cozy feeling.
  • Kitchen Gatherings: Yellow is one of the most popular colors to paint kitchen walls. It's common to see buttery yellow warming the gathering hub of the home. Taking a step away from the softer hues into bolder, neon shades of yellow and orange works best in a kitchen with ample natural light from windows. Such bright colors in a dimly-lit kitchen can appear too striking and assaulting on the eyes.