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Boo! Halloween 2012 Trends

Design Trends

Within the past few years Halloween has surged in popularity for design ideas, every year increasing in the sophistication of visual displays and home décor.

We've noticed a few trends that have been taking shape with the popularity of designing around this holiday. Overall, these trends in Halloween décor are borrowed from visual displays at trade shows and global exhibits, as well as recent films and television shows. With a hint of macabre blended with a bit a humor and a dash of color, here are this year's Halloween trends.

Halloween Trend 1: Forage

Marie Laveau would be proud! New Orleans at dusk, with a constant hum of Bourbon Street in the distance, you find yourself touring through ancient cemeteries. Shrines and altars, global traditions and discarded items come together as homage to natural history museums as well as family history.

This trend relies on collecting everyday objects such as carcasses and bones, vintage fabrics and textiles, creating a nature-based theme.

Key items:

wood, feathers, animal bones, discarded items and fabrics, apothecary jars, scavenged items, natural elements, global themes

Halloween Trend 2: Humor with a Twist

Inspired by Hollywood through shows like True Blood and movies by the brilliant Tim Burton, this trend blends the fantastical and humorous side of the holiday, showcasing the dark side of human nature. Drawing on stories around masquerades, the Day of the Dead, and tongue-in-cheek gore, this trend is oh-so-twisted but fun.

Key items:

masks, day of the dead statuettes, True Blood posters, vampire teeth, blood vials and splatters, creepy silhouettes, sinister fonts

Halloween Trend 3: Fables and Tales

Mythical creatures and mystical scenes create this trend. Full of magic and mystery, its sweet but with a dark underlayment of sinister. Expect inspiration from Sleeping Beauty, Grimm Tales, Snow White and Red Riding Hood where medieval villages live with secrets and shadows of werewolves and monsters.

Key items:

vintage items, nature, laser-cut materials, fairytale silhouettes, low lighting, feathers and leaves, sinister illustrations, bats and witches

Halloween Trend 4: Gothic Fairytales
Ghosts of Halloween past preside over this trend. Period details rich in faded splendor, crumble and decay are surrounded by dark corners, large haunted manors and mystical, foggy English moors. Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, Jane Eyre and Victorian gothic mysteries, this trend exudes romance with an undercurrent of horror.

Key items:
matte black décor and accessories, low lighting, ghostly effects, fog machines, crumbling statues, black crows, Victorian silhouette profile art, candlesticks, black and white portraits, cobwebs, Victorian display domes, gilt mirrors

Happy Halloween!

All images used with permission by Corbis Images