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ASID Challenge: One Room, 12 Ways

Design Trends

To showcase a range of designer talents, the ASID Orange County chapter, along with Modern Luxury Interiors California magazine, holds a monthly designer’s challenge event called “One Room, 12 Ways.” Taking place over a 12-month period at the Stonemill Design Center in Costa Mesa, Calif., these challenges highlight the strengths of a variety of design companies, bringing additional awareness and excitement to each company that participates.

Lucia Design Studios, a partnership of interior designers Lucia Y. Henry and Lisa Volkov, revealed their room vignette challenge event on the evening of May 25, 2016, to an excited audience. Before displaying the room, wine and hors d'oeuvres were served along with lively conversation; then the guests were led to the location of the vignette for the grand reveal. The room vignette, a surfer’s loft, showcases a lush and vibrant beach setting.


Henry explained, "Artfully choreographed, this surfer's loft represents the casual, yet stylish, coastal living in Orange County. The open layout and color palette draw inspiration from the natural seascape surroundings. A relaxed ambiance of clean lines, highlighted with rich textures and bold accents, create the ideal setting for relaxation and entertaining – a space designed as a coastal playground setting!"


Guests enjoyed the sights, touch and sounds of the space. Henry said, “We wanted to incite all the senses as guests walked in, so they got to enjoy bossa nova music, smelled sweet fragrances, and feel a variety of textures throughout the space. We used wool against reclaimed wood finishes, linen next to chrome accessories, and blues accompanied by serene neutrals to create visual contrast. All guests enjoyed themselves, and the party lasted longer than scheduled!”

Dunn-Edwards provided the paint and the lead accent color for the vignette is DEA138 Indigo Night. Henry said, “Dunn-Edwards was a key factor for the development of this vignette, as we used an indigo blue for the feature walls, as an accent paint. The rest of the room irradiates from this heartbeat area, and all of the accessories were brought out from this hue."


What brought Henry and Volkov together to form a business? With both having creative backgrounds and an interest in interior design and arts from an early age, it’s easy to see how the two can effortlessly transform spaces. Henry, born in Lima, Peru, remembers fondly an interest at an early age for creative exploration – from writing short stories and theater set design – to ceramics and sculpture. In fine arts college, she was introduced to interior design, and was constantly transforming spaces for school and clientele. With degrees in graphic design, advertising and a bachelor's degree in interior design, Henry brings a world of creative expertise to each project. “My goal as an interior designer is to create spaces that are fresh, but timeless, and reflect the unique personality of clients,” Henry said.


For Volkov, interest in interior design also came at an early age. As a child, she was fascinated with her bedroom. Throughout her childhood, her parents would let her choose her own décor. From that early experience, she knew that design was her passion and she went on to pursue a bachelor's degree in interior design. Volkov said, “I believe that creative expression is the most important factor, and that a space needs to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and comfortable.”

Lucia Design Studios offers a full spectrum of services within the design industry, including graphic design, fine art paintings by commission, and residential interior space-planning and staging. To learn more, visit

All images courtesy and permission of Lucia Design Studios