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Art Deco Hues Meet Moroccan Sunset Vibes in Dazey Penthouse

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When fashion designer Dani Nagel, founder of Dazey LA, found her Beachwood Canyon home in the hills above Los Angeles, she knew she wanted to transform it with an Art Deco-meets-Moroccan vibe: a place full of color, perfect for showcasing her collection of vintage artwork and velvet couches. Naturally, the most impactful way to kickstart her new home’s transformation was to play with Dunn-Edwards paint colors, changing the home’s aesthetic from “dirty” to darling.

designer Dani Nagel concept

The color palette was inspired by Dazey LA’s current summer clothing collection, admits the designer. “When we walked into our new apartment for the first time, we were taken aback by the beautiful bones of the space, but so distracted by the dingy khaki colored paint,” Nagel said.

interior apartment hues

apartement design

kitchen hues

In contrast to her bright and bold Mid-century modern Palm Springs home, she took a mellower approach to suit her period Beachwood Canyon pad. Playing off the vibrant green and pink tiles of the focal-point fireplace, Nagel went with softer hues of the same colors, opting for Dunn-Edwards Pistachio Ice Cream (DE5717) and sunset pink Pale Jasper (DE5148) in her kitchen and living room.

sunset hues in living room

living room hues

kitchen inspired by sunset colors

But the design inspiration didn’t stop at her self-admitted '80s and '90s spin on Art Deco; a graphic treatment on a popular design blog and her beloved yellow bed served as a springboard for Nagel’s cheerful, buttery bedroom, which is painted in Deserted Path (DE5367).

“I had originally seen a photo from the Jungalow where they had painted small dots behind floating shelves and I loved the concept.” She couldn’t bring the dot motif into her living room due to the already built-in shelving, common in homes from this period, so Nagel carried the concept to her bedroom instead. “We started with the dot behind the bed, meant to represent the sun. Once we did that dot we fell in I decided to do the dot in my office, too,” she said.

bedroom design

sunset colors into livingroom

Dunn-Edwards products used in an apartment

Dreamy colors aside, Nagel used a variety of Dunn-Edwards products in the apartment, opting for semi-gloss formula in her kitchen and bathrooms, matte paint for the walls, and Suprema® for her outdoor patio.

That outdoor paint color spawned other projects, as well, with Nagel covering planters and trellises in the same shade.

outdoor paint color

getting into interior design with Dunn-Edwards colors

“Now that I’m getting into interior design, I wanted to find a solid brand that I can trust for all my projects. I knew if I wanted my spaces to be associated with any paint brand, it had to be Dunn-Edwards.”

Dazey Penthouse Color Palette:

Dazey Penthouse Color Palette

All photos courtesy of Dani Nagel