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April Color of the Month: Spring Lilac

Design Trends

Spring has finally taken hold, and with it comes a freshness in the air. Flowers blooming after a rainy winter signify new beginnings and possibilities for growth. That’s why we’ve selected Spring Lilac (DE5001), a color named after a flower that typically blooms during late spring, as April’s Color of the Month.


Lilac flowers are small and delicate. Fittingly, the Spring Lilac paint color is a soft, pastel purple hue, more subtle than former purple Colors of the Month such as Smashed Grape (DE5963). Spring Lilac trades in the opulence of those tones for a dose of tranquility and refined serenity. The paint color is also highlighted by its gentle magenta pink undertones.


Pastel paint colors like lilac can be used in both rustic and modern spaces. In fact, everyone from Lonny to Vogue and Refinery 29 have all projected lilac to overtake the ubiquitous Millennial Pink as the latest pastel obsession in the design world.


Designing with Lilac
  • Try lilac with whites or grays for a crisp, clean modern look in a bathroom or bedroom.
  • Playing off of familiar floral pairings, bright yellows and greens can create a vibrant, lively space when paired with lilac. Try these palettes in a family room, main sitting area, or office.
  • Colors found in nature are an ideal choice for sprucing up your curb appeal. Use lilac to give your front door a spring makeover.
  • Since Spring Lilac is lively without being too bold, this paint color is also a fun candidate for trying the latest in kitchen trends: colorful cabinetry. Get some inspiration from our list of Trending Kitchen Colors for 2019.
  • Colors that complement Spring Lilac include Sentimental Pink (DEW399) and Silver Setting (DE6359).

For more inspiration and tips on how to design with other light purple tones, you may want to check out our post on Building A Room Around Lavenders. Also see how Los Angeles-based artist Renae Barnard used delicate Dunn-Edwards purple and pink hues to create her recent series of sculptural paintings.