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An Homage to Art: Inside the 1920s Spanish Bungalow of Jason Stein

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Growing up a native Angelino, Jason Stein knew his love of California would always keep him tied to the life and style of his roots. As a veteran of the art auction world, Stein realized his dream of showcasing his prized art collection when recently designing and setting up his historic 1920s Spanish bungalow in the beautiful Highland Park area above downtown Los Angeles.


DEW341 Swiss Coffee (body); DEC756 Weathered Brown (trim); DE5125 Red River (front door)

Stein has been in the design industry for more than 25 years, with a large portion of time spent at auction houses, including Butterfields Auction House, Christie’s in Beverly Hills and New York City, and Bonhams &
Butterfields Auction Gallery. His most recent adventure has been working at an online marketplace called Viyet, buying and curating a range of vintage and antique pieces.


DEW341 Swiss Coffee (body); DEC756 Weathered Brown (trim)

Soon to return to Bonhams in Los Angeles as Director of Modern Decorative Art and Design, Stein continues to relish seeking out treasures. Traveling extensively, he seeks out private collectors, pours through local shops, and finds some of the most unique pieces as he meanders through local flea markets and estate sales.


Dining room: DEC752 Birchwood

Taking a tour through Stein’s home, noting the soft colors on the wall set with purpose to allow the art to be the star in the home, the walls are painted DEC752 Birchwood and DEC740 Sandcastle. These calming
neutrals allow his art to be the heroes, while still creating a cozy, comfortable space to hang out. This was key to choosing the colors and, when testing various samples, Stein found that looking at the art and color together in various lighting conditions, the varying nuanced complexities of these colors created a winning combination.


Living room: DEC740 Sandcastle

As a former minimalist, Stein professes his love for layers and objects in his collection. “Every piece has a story,” he said. “Whether the graphics in the dining room that I purchased in my early days at Butterfields; a
pair of candlestick bowls by modernist legend and silversmith Alan Adler; or other pieces that are gifts from friends, flea-market finds and auctions, I love texture, patina and pattern, as well as the relationship of objects


DEW341 Swiss Coffee (body); DEC756 Weathered Brown (trim)


It looks like this native Angelino has found his oasis.

All photography with permission and courtesy Marcia Prentice