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9 Creative Approaches to Accent Wall Colors

Design Trends

Design professionals often struggle with how to make certain spaces pop. Perhaps it’s a blank space or too many angles. One design solution to tackling these tough spaces and add layers of interest is by painting an accent wall. Beyond creating a focal point, it’s another opportunity to showcase your depth of knowledge with how color can transform a space adding layers of interest. Here are nine accent wall color ideas to try on your next design space.

Add Drama with a Moody Black Accent Wall
Moody black and deep charcoal paint colors have been trending for several years. And with its dramatic character, the depth of hue enhances architectural features and creates a bold statement to any space. And illuminating the space with natural or ambient lighting can make the room shimmer.


Color: DE6328 Anchor Gray. "Renovation Dream". Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert


Color: DEA002 Black. "Designing with a Sense of Wonder and Intention". Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert

Create Timeless, Elegant Appeal
Classic hues like navy act like neutrals in a space, while still adding loads of personality. Paired with crisp white, ivory or sand for a truly universal aesthetic.


Color: DE5825 Deepest Sea. "Renovation Dream". Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert


Color: Walls: DE6324 Veiled Spotlight. Ceiling: DE6204 Trite White. "Beautiful Things". Design by @kellyfermhome. Photography by @pcv_ps

Add Dimension to a Space with Trim or Molding Detail
Think beyond painting just the drywall and add a colorful accent to wainscot, baseboard, crown or any trim work detail. The extra colorful detail adds character to a space.




Color: DE6370 Charcoal Smudge. "Walking Our Way". Design by @blackreefinterior

Color Blocking Displays Stylish Charm
Color blocking is another paint color application taking over design. The result of contrasting hues is quirky, fun additional layers of color.


Color: DE6286 Greenland and DE6137 Tan Plan. "Rest of the Day". Design and Photography by Claire Thomas


Colors: DE5663 Parsley, DE5661 Peaceful Pastures, DE5658 Winter Mist. "Playroom". Design by @kcinteriordesigner

Desert Hues Warm the Soul
Warm hues convey comfort, and desert-inspired color palettes are everywhere so paint a wall with golden yellow, terra cotta, rust or sage to create an energizing, bold statement.


Color: DET439 Spice of Life. "La Vie en Rose". Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert


Color: DE5354 Honey Glow. "2017 Color of the Year". Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert

Arch Attraction
Paint an arch with a contrasting color for a modern aesthetic. Claire Thomas painted this arch niche in the dining room of Oeste Warm Hearth (DE6110). “The archway was a detail we added and I chose Warm Hearth from Dunn-Edwards as the accent. It’s the most beautiful, not neutral brown and I love it.”


Color: DE6110 Warm Hearth. "Oeste". Design and Photography: Claire Thomas

Summer Refresh with Lighter Hues
An accent wall is a great way to try out a trending hue such as our 2021 Color of the Year, Wild Blue Yonder (DE5855). This crisp, refreshing hue is a breath of fresh air, perfect for creating a spa retreat.



Or try Eames for Blue (DET564), shown in the tub niche of the master bath at Oeste, a desert retreat designed by Claire Thomas. “I have this philosophy that when creating a home, especially one that
isn’t your primary residence, it should really transport you. So, when thinking of Oeste, Yayo and I were inspired by our trips to Mexico and Morocco — two places we love for their rich culture and eye-catching colors.”


Color: DET564 Eames for Blue."Oeste". Design and Photography: Claire Thomas

Playfully Chic
Nervous to try bolder hues? Try spots of color in select locations throughout the home for maximum impact. Rebecca Raskind, interior design renovator and color maven painted this guest bedroom in Pacific Palisade (DE5787), one of several 2021 color + design trend hues, as a testament to how color can transform a space. “I wanted the space to feel lavish and sophisticated but also playful and chic,” she stated.


Color: Pacific Palisade (DE5787). "Los Diegos". Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert

When fashion designer Dani Nagel, founder of Dazey LA, found her Beachwood Canyon home in the hills above Los Angeles, she knew she wanted to transform it with an Art Deco-meets-Moroccan vibe a place full of color, perfect for showcasing her collection of vintage artwork and velvet couches.


Color: Wall color: DEW385 Lighthouse. Fireplace: DE5717 Pistachio Ice Cream. "Dazey Penthouse". Design by @danidazey

In contrast to her bright and bold Mid-century modern Palm Springs home, she took a mellower approach to suit her period Beachwood Canyon pad. Playing off the vibrant green and pink tiles of the focal-point fireplace, Nagel went with softer hues of the same colors, opting for Dunn-Edwards Pistachio Ice Cream (DE5717) and sunset pink Pale Jasper (DE5148) in her kitchen and living room.

A Flair for Drama
Lush, jewel-tone hues have permeated interior and fashion design with jungle greens leading the way the
past several seasons. To highlight the power of adding lush color, Ashley LaBarrie decorated her home with a mix of the exotic with Art Deco elements; infused with a color palette of black and white with a shot of
deep green; and polished with artwork and a mural painted by her boyfriend, artist James Haunt, the home is a testament to her design aesthetic.


Color: DET608 Moss Cottage. "Designing with a Sense of Wonder and Intention". Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert

So whether you’re looking to freshen up a difficult design space or punch up the color palette, painting walls with accent colors are easy, transformative concepts to add to your design inspirations mood board for
future opportunities.