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7 Perfect Plants For Designing With Pop-Up Greens x Dunn-Edwards

Design Trends

As we wind down 2017 we’re full speed ahead with our Dunn-Edwards 2018 Color Trends — including our 2018 Color of the Year The Green Hour. In fact, we recently announced our collaboration with Pop-Up Greens, a Los Angeles-based shop that specializes in hand painted pots, which highlight five of these trending colors. We know that you’ve been eyeing those fiddle leaf figs and we couldn’t think of a better way of introducing some greenery and color into your life than with one of these stylish pots.

The emergence lifestyle and design guru Justina Blakeney and her #Jungalow style, no doubt has us all wanting to live our best jungalow life. It’s no secret that adding plants to a design scheme can add instant vibrancy, sophistication, and interest to virtually any space. Not to mention, the fact that plants in the home can also provide a number of health benefits, like cleaner air. Whether you have a green thumb or simply wish you did, we’ve rounded up several plants that just might be the deal fit for you and your Pop Up Greens x Dunn-Edwards pot.

Low Maintenance Plants


Snake Plant




Aloe Vera


Plants Requiring A Green Thumb


Fiddle Leaf Fig


Rubber Plant


To learn more about the Pop Up Greens x Dunn-Edwards collaboration click here. Our five featured colors, The Green Hour (DET544); Canon Dusk (DE6094); Fall Foliage (DE5257); Heritage Blue (DET550) and Fresh Honeydew (DE5477) are all gorgeous, earthy-inspired tones that can easily fit as an accent color into any space. Interested in making these colors more of a focal point in your space? See how how 6th and Detroit store owner, Michelle Qazi used our 2018 color of the year as the neutral in her Long Beach, California home. Or see how the striking burnt orange and tan inflections of Fall Foliage has given one east coast native
some much needed Fall feels while living amid sunny SoCal temps. [link to November Color of
the Month story] . To learn more about the five colors featured in our Pop Up Greens x Dunn-Edwards collaboration, click here.