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6th and Detroit: California 70s Cool

Design Trends

6th and Detroit, a stylish home-décor boutique located in the Arts District of Long Beach, Calif., is owned by Michelle Qazi, whose home we highlighted in October. This month, we’re taking you on a tour of her boutique and talk to her about the transformative power of color for her business.

Go-Go Green!
When we approached Qazi to repaint her Cliff May home with The Green Hour (DET544) for our 2018 Color of the Year launch, we also introduced another green to highlight at 6th and Detroit— Go-Go Green (DET533) — after providing a range of our Dunn-Edwards 2018 color trend colors to review. Qazi, a believer in white walls, was amazed at the transformation in both her store and home, highlighting the power of what a shot of color can do to a space.

Qazi's place 1

Qazi's place 2

Qazi's place 3

“The goal of my partnership with Dunn-Edwards is to show (you) that color doesn't have to be scary. Color adds life; makes everything vibrant; and, despite the myths, can make a room feel bigger," Qazi said. "The
2018 Color Trend I chose is 'Go-Go Green.' It embraces my beachy Cali vibes and embodies what 6+D is all about. And, as you all already know, I am obsessed all things green.”

Qazi's place 4

Qazi's place 5

When the transformation settled in, what did she think? Qazi said, “Having the shop painted Go-Go Green has elevated the shop’s vibe beyond my wildest dreams. It exudes my beach-loving, Cali feelings and gives the vintage a more fun, refined look. It highlights all the wood tones that I love to carry and makes the shop look bigger by bringing the eye up to see just how high the ceilings are. All of my treasures are now expressed in a whole new light. I can’t picture the shop all white anymore now that I see what it looks like with color!

Customers who come in have been very excited about the makeover and have been inspired to paint an accent wall or room in their own home. One customer came in and said it felt like a beach resort in the shop, and another said it reminded them of their childhood and gave them warm feelings.”

Qazi's place 6

Check out Qazi’s home transformation on our blog. To learn more about Qazi and her store 6th and Detroit, visit

Qazi's place 7All images used with permission and courtesy Bethany Nauert