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3 Ways to Make a Room More Interesting With Paint

Design Trends

Sometimes a room needs a bit more 'oomph' and homeowners aren't sure how to achieve it. Changing the entire color of the room is one way to create a new look for a home with paint, but for those who want something less drastic, there are other techniques that add punch without requiring a total redo. Here are some ideas:


Stencil Accent: Stenciling part of a wall creates a subtle, eye-catching accent and doesn't require repainting the room. Stenciling tone on tone with the existing wall color adds depth, texture and a striking look to any space.

Full Stenciling: For a bigger statement, completely stencil a wall with a tone-on-tone approach. Go bolder by using different colors in the stencil, but test the combination first before doing the entire wall to make sure it isn't offensive to the eyes.


Wall Mural: A painted wall mural doesn't have to be an intricate landscape complete with details trees and flowers. Sparse, two-color simple mural designs such as narrow tree trunks and branches create a new look for a home with paint without becoming overwhelming and heavy.


Stamp It Up: An alternative to stenciling is stamping a design on a wall. Stamps are available in various shapes and sizes or are customizable to specific desires to suit the design of the room. Using stamps creates a unique design on the wall depending on the colors and motif employed.


One Wall: Stamping or stenciling on one wall gives new meaning to the idea of an accent wall. It gives the wall an individual personality and is decorative enough that it doesn't need further adornment.

Any of the techniques are great ways to create a new look for a home with paint and a bit of imagination. Explore the possibilities by contacting our paint experts at Dunn-Edwards Paints® today.