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3 Dining Room Design Trends In Time For Fall

Design Trends

In the time of COVID, those working and learning from home have been repurposing spaces like dining rooms into work spaces, kids’ “classrooms," and in general overall command centers for their busier-than-ever homes. Fall is just around the corner, and cooler months usually make way for holiday traditions where dining rooms are front and center. And while our holiday tables may be set for fewer people this year, they may also include a place setting for a laptop, tablet or other Zoom device, in order to allow friends and family to gather around the table. With so much happening around the world and at home, we’re seeing people focused on their domestic spaces like never before, which is why this is the perfect time to make over a dining room.


Photo credit: JAMES BUTCHART

In looking at what’s relevant this fall, Dunn-Edwards color expert and stylist Sara McLean identified that residential design is booming and that it's being approached in two ways creating peaceful, soothing environments and schemes that enhance positivity and energy, or with design that incorporates dynamic color pops. Here are the trends we’re seeing in dining room refreshes right now.

Biophilic Design
Grounding earth shades tend to calm so expect to see an emphasis on greens, blues, tans and wheats, which we named as some of our color trends in our Co-Habitants report update. Great options that envelop dining room walls in sophisticated warmth include Tawny Amber (DE5214), Seasonal Beige (DE5213), and September’s Color of the Month Red Maple Leaf (DET443).



Designers like Jason Lai, partner and principal designer of L2 Interiors, are also seeing clients turn to warmer grays to evoke refreshing calm in a room, so experiment with a darker putty neutrals like Portobello Mushroom (DET622) or the lighter En Plein Air (DET623).

Darken the Door
Perhaps the quickest way to plan a refresh is to follow Elle Decor’s advice to repaint the dining room door in a dark shade like earthy Moss Cottage (DET608) or Indigo Night (DEA138). This is an especially striking look if the room is covered in wallpaper; pull out one of the darker colors in the paper and match the door to it.

Black and White and Monochromatics, Oh My
Restore the “formal” in formal dining room and play with a crisp white-and-black theme like Dimepiece LA’s Ashley Jones who used black and whites to formalize her dining space and accentuate pink fabrics. Play with accent walls, or even accent ceilings to add instant drama and formality back into your space. You might even try painting the ceiling in Black Tie (DE6357) and the walls in Cool December (DEW383) or Distant Horizon(DEW377). Another option for a smashing look is to paint walls, trim and door in one bold hue like our Victorian Greenhouse (DET532).



Maybe your dining room is looking good as is, but you’re itching to change up your home office space. We’ve rounded up colors that are perfect for inspiring productivity while working from home.


Photo credit: ERIKA BIERMAN