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2016 LA Art Show

Artistic Inspiration


The 2016 LA Art Show, which occurred at the Los Angeles Convention Center January 28th-31st, featured bold and exciting work from today’s great artists and influential visionaries. Now in its 21st year, the annual art event has grown steadily along with L.A.’s art scene, featuring 79 galleries and drawing close to 60,000 visitors. The show displayed works by artists from 20 countries, including China, Australia, Turkey, Kenya and Japan, and created a vibrant atmosphere that examined the present while formulating the future.

This year, organizers introduced a new focus on modern and contemporary art in contrast to the historic approach of previous years with international project spaces, with notable performance pieces as well. Three major trends throughout the show were the use of found objects as a media, experimentation with light, and themes referencing consumption and capitalism in modern society. Below are the highlights of those trends.

Artist: David Datuna
David Datuna is a Georgian-born American Artist most widely known for his Viewpoint of Millions series, utilizing a technique in which he suspends a network of positive and negative optical lenses over a large-scale collage of photography, newspaper articles, magazine clippings, and paint. In his works, David Datuna skillfully plays with the true meaning and value of the lenses and glasses, giving them a particular meaning and point of view. Using lenses of various diopters in his works, he symbolizes the admissibility of the different points of view and attitudes towards the same image. Visit for more information.


David Bowie, 2016. Mixed Media Wall Sculpture. 61 x 41 x 5 inches


David Bowie - Image Enlarged

UNIX GALLERY, Various Locations
Artist: Peter Anton
Peter Anton is an American artist and sculptor, whose primary subject matter is food. Often referred to as “Candy Warhol,” his artistic style employs humor, scale, irony, and intensity to make foods taken for granted aesthetically pleasing. He primarily works with resin, metal, wood, clay, and acrylic and oil paints, making his pieces more photo-realistic. For more information on the Unix Gallery and Peter Anton, visit


Sushi Sampler, 2015. Mixed Media. 24 x 48 x 11”

Artist: Rafael Barrios
Rafael Barrios is a Venezuelan artists whose geometric sculptures manipulate the eye into seeing depth in flat sheets of brightly colored metal. Barrios subverts the three-dimensional essence of sculpture by shaping planar sheets to resemble carefully stacked and engineered objects. He plays with slanted geometric shapes, while altering the laws of gravity, geometry and volumes in space. For more information on the Galerie Rauchfeld and Rafael Barrios, visit


Tumble, 2014. Green Lacquered Steel. 55 x 48cm


Energia Contenida, 2014. Grey Perforated Steel. 48 x 59 x 4cm

Artist: Pancho Luna
Argentine-born artist Pancho Luna mixes paint, glass and photography to create diverse acrylic book sculptures. Luna engineers quasi-architectural arrangements in which sequences of individually fabricated books are placed like a still life. The clear, chromatically lined blocks are stacked, aligned, and tilted, setting slivers of fine lines and bright colors in staccato rhythms that flicker and change as the viewer moves across and around, capturing and refracting ambient light. For more information on the Timothy Yarger and Pancho Luna, visit


Volver al Mundo, 2015. Mixed Media. 26 x 48 x 12 inches

Artist: Jeff Gillette
At the 2016 edition of Littletopia, a section of pop surrealism galleries curated by the Red Truck Gallery, visitors entered through an installation by artist Jeff Gillette, known for his collaborations with graffiti artist Banksy. Desert Debris Dismaland Castle is the artist’s reimagined homage to capitalism, and a re-creation of the castle-like piece he showed at Dismaland, the satirical temporary amusement park that Banksy built in England last year. Jeff Gillette’s unique entryway sets the tone for the rest of Littletopia, which includes art that is irreverent, shocking, and humorous. For more information on Littletopia, visit


Entrance to Littletopia, 2016. Wood and various media


Castle Slum, 2015. Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 36 x 48 inches. Courtesy of Gregorio Escalante Gallery

Artist: Lluis Barba

Spanish artist Lluis Barba unveiled his latest work, an ode of sorts to the Los Angeles art scene. The piece, “La Muestra de Gersaint Watteau,” is an enormous photographic collage over a reproduction of an 18th century French painting by Antoine Watteau. The collage is layered with a dizzying mix of local art world and pop cultural imagery, including a bevy of celebrities and recognizable L.A. art world figures. The piece is thick with juxtaposition, however the overriding theme is consumption. For more information on this and other works by Lluis Barba, visit


La Muestra de Gersaint Watteau, 2016/ Edition of 6 C-Type Print Perspex mounted 39 2/5 in × 60 inches

To find out more about the exhibits, galleries and artists, contact the LA Art Show at
All Photography by Grace Lennon; taken with permission of LA Art Show