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2013 Holiday Color and Design Trends

Design Trends

Sleigh bells are ringing! Another holiday season is upon us and at this time of year, we look to what's on the horizon for holiday trends. Both familiar and new, these trends incorporate the best of holiday design and color, providing ideas for a fresh take on the winter holidays.

Diaphanous Delights – Pastel confections, such as macaroon cookies, are everywhere, with more U.S. bakeries enticing us with these sweet treats from France. Taking cues from the pastel color play, we see a variety of pastel hues carry over into ornaments and home décor. Add snowflakes and crystals, a dash of ribbons and feathers, and a final touch of glitter and flocking to create the scene. Add layers of textiles -- including tulle, velvet and cotton -- and iridescent and rhinestone accents to complete the mood.

DE5049 Early Blossom

DE5576 Envious Pastel

DE5681 Pale Jade

DE5960 Shimmering Sky

DE5038 Be My Valentine

DE6105 Weathered Leather

DEW380 White

DEA142 Violet Majesty

DE5416 Candle Flame

DE5737 Aqua Bloom

ME200 Pale Gold

ME150 Silver

Feelin' Groovy - Taking cues from our 2013 and 2014 trend reports on the resurgence of 1960s and 1970s décor, we are now seeing the trend take hold in holiday design. With a wink and nod to the past, ornaments are adorned with peace symbols and smiley face motifs, alongside whimsical patterns and bright, exuberant color. Textiles play off mod and paisley patterns, while details include sequins; yarn; pipe cleaners; and supporting retro icons such as VW Beetles, old televisions and flower power signs.

DE5195 Bright Mango

DEA124 Lime Twist

DEW379 Igloo

DE5047 Love Letter

DEA137 Deep Sapphire

DEA103 Striking Red

DE5579 Cabbage Patch

DE5698 Tropical Kelp

DE6357 Black Tie

DE5515 Ripe Pear

DEA141 Grand Purple

DE5012 Vivid Violet

Eastern Influence – Influenced by the uptrend of Asian influences in design and architecture, Zen design takes over this holiday trend. Cherry blossoms, orchids, bonsai trees and bamboo create a graceful and elegant look to the setting, while medallions, origami, teapots, birdcages, chopsticks and bird plumage add layers of detail. Textiles include Japanese ikat, silk brocade and light linen with embroidered detailing.

DEA108 Red Power

DEA140 Cobalt

DE5580 Parakeet

ME658 Gold Rush

ME591 Platinum

DE5851 Blueberry Muffin

DE6140 Brown Bear

DE6321 Soot

DE5736 Soaring Sky

DE5409 Sun Surprise

DE5005 Brandywine

DEA113 Orange Burst

North, To Alaska! – Log cabin luxe goes holiday, with updated trend details to this traditional alpine look. Textile layers include fair-isle and knitted designs, plaid and gingham that pair with cross-stitch, winter-sport ornaments such as toboggans, skis and skates -- along with outdoor elements of pinecones, branches and berries as accents. Final touches include Scandinavian traditional holiday elements with minimal detail such as natural wood, black and white pairings, fir tree wreaths, rustic lanterns, fabric tree ornaments and stockings.

DEA151 Red Ink

DEW383 Cool December

DE5585 Kale

DEA177 Holly Bush

DEA162 Log Cabin

ME 200 Pale Gold

DE6354 Gray Wolf

DE6370 Charcoal Smudge

DE5422 Egg Nog

DEA195 Primitive Plum

DE5852 Rainy Lake

DE5846 Lapis

Vintage inspirations – Turn-of-century industrial meets Victorian elegance. As industrial design continues to uptrend, this holiday story emerges with aged and patina effects and faded and worn finishes. Lace and crochet, satin, pearls, tassels, sugar and matte glitter accent the tree, while mercury glass, dark iron, dark silver and glazed ceramic décor are found throughout the home. Textiles include burn-out velvet, cotton with patterns of flowing script with frayed edges, damask designs, and tassel accents.

DE5935 Soft Charcoal

DE5029 Berry Frost

ME150 Silver

DE6355 Tarnished Silver

DE5961 Tinted Iris

DE6112 Cedar Chest

DE5689 Wintermint

DE5062 Rosy Cheeks

DE5596 Frosted Garden

ME206 Champagne

DE5750 Winter Escape

DE6322 Black Lead

Punch of Pink – As pink continues to trend up in residential and commercial design, this hue is packing a punch in the holiday market. Hot pink, fuchsia, saturated and light pinks transform the home setting. Embellishments include flocking, glitter, embroidery, mercury glass, appliqué, gems, sugar and feathers and the surprise addition of pink flamingos. Flowers are key for pattern play and include magnolias, orchids, roses and poinsettias. A mix of textiles in velvet, sheer and satin jacquards create additional interest.

DE5048 Pink Punch

DE5037 Flamingo Feather

DE5014 Spun Sugar

ME591 Platinum

DE6362 Storm Cloud

DE5647 Reeds

DE5706 Pine Needle

DE5971 Jubilee

DE5013 Deep Magenta

DE5558 Citrus Leaf

DEW337 Gardenia

DE6349 Edge of Black

Chocolate Layers – Warm neutrals and shades of brown provide a chance for a fresh look on elegant and opulent holiday style. Masculine elements -- including matte metal finishing, dark iron and smoke glass -- pair with feminine elements of velvet, pearl finishes and ornate medallions. Ornaments are shaped in orbs, teardrop, onions and stars, detailed with glitter, sugar beads, satin embroidery and diamond quilting.

DEA159 Rich Mocha

DE6119 Neutral Valley

ME200 Pale Gold

DE6032 Hazelnut

DEA156 Cherry Cola

DE5320 Copper Cove

DE6368 Walrus

ME150 Silver

ME195 Copper

ME206 Champagne

DE6356 Sheet Metal

DE5978 Plum Wine

All-American Holiday – Americana coziness and relaxation are signature highlights of this relaxed holiday setting. Highlighted by a mixture of denim, knitted yarns, gingham, plaids and painted wood, fabrics look lived-in, worn and relaxed while other finishes look distressed. Patchwork, American logos and rural country accents such as canning jars are inviting details along with Scrabble-tile ornaments and patterns.

DEA105 Cherry Bomb

DE5845 Americana

DEW344 Frosting Cream

DE6014 Dark Chocolate

DE5544 Topiary

DEA178 Billiard Table

DE6007 Old-Fashioned Purple

DE6131 Teddy Bear

DE6090 Western Red

ME206 Champagne

DE5828 Winter Chime

DE5515 Ripe Pear

Woodland Winter – As we mentioned in our Thanksgiving 2013 holiday trends report, woodland creatures continue to invade the holiday setting. Along with the extremely popular owl, we see deer, songbirds, partridges, and rabbits among a large cast of characters. Outdoor elements -- including snowflakes, driftwood, pinecones, acorns, vines, leaves and winter blooms -- add another dimension.

DE6048 Pine Cone

DE6096 Homestead

DE6319 Gray Flannel

DE5594 Jolly Green

DE5334 Gingerbread House

DEW384 Snowflake

DEA150 Scarlet Past

DEA127 Wild Forest

DE5270 Apple Cider

DE5785 Glacier Point

DE5249 Coyote

DE5868 Winter Solstice

Minty Fresh – Green gets popular again, with mint as the key shade for a trendy holiday setting. Winter scenes come alive and create a striking look when mint is paired against a metallic and white backdrop. Snow and snowflakes are key, as well as icicles and crystals. Colored mercury glass, painted wood and glazed ceramic add depth and monochromatic fabrics lend a base for the scene.

DE5688 Ode to Green

DE5729 Spearmint

ME150 Silver

DEW367 Touch of Mint

DE5710 Treetop

DE5575 Pastoral

ME200 Pale Gold

DEA165 Hearth Gold

DE5450 Sugar Cookie

DE5953 Alpine Moon

DE5851 Blueberry Muffin

DE5699 Emerald Pool

Happy Holidays!

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