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2017 Design Trends — Restaurant Architecture

12/01/16 Grace Lennon

​When it comes to restaurants, design can influence the dining experience as much as what is on your plate.

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Holly Jolly 2016! Winter Color+Design Trends

12/01/16 Sara McLean

The winter holiday season is here, filled with fresh ideas to celebrate this magical season.

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Color Field Painting

12/01/16 Sara McLean

Color field painting is described as a style of American abstract painting, featuring large swathes of color covering much of the canvas, that was prominent from the 1940s to the 1960s.

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SoCal Artist Michael Collins Paints Abstract Series Using Dunn-Edwards Paints

11/30/16 Sara McLean

Michael Collins, known to many in Southern California, is a painter, surfer, open ocean paddler, community activist and psychologist. Living in the seaside town of Hermosa Beach, Calif., Collins has created a distinctive style of painting using “mistakes” as his form of getting to the real substance of his work.

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Artist Series: The Musically Colorful World of Wassily Kandinsky

11/08/16 Sara McLean

​Art, unto itself, achieves the highest levels of audience adoration when the artist clearly communicates the meaning of the art piece.

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10/28/16 Sara McLean

​Dunn-Edwards 2017 Color of the Year, Honey Glow, is a warm, golden yellow with orange undertones that will make a bold statement in any space.

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Pretty in Pink in Palm Springs

10/28/16 Sara McLean

Nestled along the desert landscape of Palm Springs, Calif., sits a vividly colorful pink home.

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Thanksgiving and Fall 2016: Color+Design

10/28/16 Sara McLean

​With fall in full bloom and Halloween just a memory, we now look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday and fall harvest activities.

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Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns at the LA Convention Center

10/25/16 Grace Lennon

​The traditional carving of pumpkins for Halloween has been taken to the next level at this amazing show!

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Halloween in Los Angeles: Events Across the City

10/13/16 Sara McLean

While fall foliage is sparse in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of Halloween spirit! From festive favorites with plenty of frights, to family-friendly attractions and festivals, there is an abundance of worthwhile Halloween events to attend this October!