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Tim Bosveld

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Exterior Painting Tips and Summer Heat

06/04/16 Tim Bosveld

Exterior painting projects present a variety of challenges, ranging from the type of project and surface to be painted, to geographic location and the spectrum of diverse, outdoor conditions across the Southwest.

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Introducing Spartawall® and Spartashield®

09/04/11 Tim Bosveld

Dunn-Edwards introduces two new lines of paint products, Spartawall® Interior Acrylic Paints and Spartashield® Exterior 100% Acrylic Paints. Both product lines are available in...

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Is There Really a High-Performance, Low Odor, Zero VOC Paint?

03/31/10 Tim Bosveld

Meet Enso®: a new, 100-percent acrylic, low odor, zero-VOC paint line that raises the bar on performance.