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Robert Wendoll

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The Greenest Paint Just Got Greener: Introducing Zero VOC Colorants for Tinting

04/01/12 Robert Wendoll

For more than three years, the Dunn-Edwards Color Lab has worked closely with our colorant supplier to develop a high performance line of Zero VOC colorants. These new...

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Beyond VOCs

11/01/09 Robert Wendoll

As the green building trend continues to grow, architects, designers and builders are striving to create environmentally responsible structures that provide healthy places to live and work.

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Making Sense of Green: The Architecture of Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA

03/31/09 Robert Wendoll

What makes a building green? A bewildering array of options are available to the architectural designer: solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, recycled plastic decking, tankless...