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Videos Show Professional Tips for Commonly Asked Paint Questions


LOS ANGELES (March 16, 2016) – From cleaning excess paint off a roller to properly patching a hole, experts at Dunn-Edwards Paints show how to in these quick and easy how-to videos. These shortcuts to cleaning, mixing paint and using paint tools can help you paint like a pro, all while saving time and extra paint!

Paint hack videos include:
  1. How to Patch a Hole: Whether they’re from hanging picture frames or a clumsy accident, holes in walls are common eyesores around the home. Learn to fill, sand and paint over a hole for an even, finished wall.
  2. How to Determine If Existing Paint is Water- or Oil-Based: Mixing water- and oil-based paints on one wall can be disastrous without proper preparation, so make sure to use this quick trick to check the type of paint on an existing wall before painting.
  3. How to Remove Lint from a Roller Cover: Don’t waste time picking pesky lint pieces off your freshly painted wall by hand! Here’s a simple trick to nab them all at once in a few seconds.
  4. How to Get the Most Out of Your Sandpaper: Gleaming tabletops and smooth walls are results of diligent sandpaper action before painting. Maximize one piece of sandpaper like a pro with this simple hack.
  5. How to Use a Painter’s 5-in-1 Tool: While it may seem intimidating at first, a painter’s 5-in-1 tool is a convenient helper to save time and energy during paint projects. Discover its many uses – including a 6th tip you’re sure to like.
  6. How to Reuse or Dispose of a Roller Cover: Minimize mess (and shorten the clean-up process after!) with this easy hack on how to reuse or dispose of roller covers.
  7. How to Mix Paint for Color Consistency: There can be a small difference in color from can to can, so it’s very important to mix gallons well for color consistency before painting. Avoid differing hues on one wall with this simple tutorial.
  8. How to Load a Brush with Paint: Most people automatically scrape excess paint off a brush before applying, thinking it will drip. In reality, paint brushes are designed to hold much more paint if you gently tap the sides of the bucket. Learn more with this video.
  9. How to Paint Out of a Bucket to Save Time: Using a bucket, which holds more paint than a tray, can save you time during your next painting project.
  10. How to Get Excess Paint Out of a Roller Cover: A lot of excess paint clings to paint rollers! Learn how to scrape off paint to make cleanup a breeze.

Please share these videos with your readers. We have Dunn-Edwards paint and color experts available for questions or an interview.