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Coatings Industry's Most Advanced Manufacturing Facility

PHOENIX, Ariz. (January 17, 2012) Dunn-Edwards Paint, the Southwest's leading manufacturer of premium paints, opened the world's first LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing facility last June, consolidating paint production for all of its 108 retail stores. “Now, with the new plant in full operation, we have greatly increased our capacity and are able to produce paint for third parties, explained Mark Alling, vice president of manufacturing. “This includes existing paint companies, private label brands and licensed product." Services offered include formulation and technical development, end-to-end commercialization process, inventory and logistic services, and custom labeling.

Located in Phoenix, the 336,000-sq.-ft. facility was custom designed to be the greenest and most efficient in the coatings industry, incorporating innovative, energy-efficient equipment and protocols. (View video.) For example, unique high-efficiency process equipment has integrated dust-suppression technology, so that no particulates are emitted to ambient air, and advanced wastewater recycling techniques conserve water. The plant systems are classified as ultra-low discharge, meaning that waste generation is greatly minimized.

“Because our facility is so modern and efficient, we are able to produce paint faster and more consistently," Alling said. “Our proven quality control measures ensure a superior product, and we have the flexibility to operate with customers' challenges, such as short lead times and small batches."

For more information, contact Dunn-Edwards at or 323-826-2717.

NOTE: Photos and video are available of the manufacturing facility.

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