Inspiring an Education: Broadway Continuation High School

02/14/12    Sara McLean  |  specs+spaces Editor, Dunn-Edwards Corporation, Allied Member ASID, CMG

When a child needs the extra support to finish their education, one inspiring place can be found at the Broadway Continuation High School in San Jose. Designed by ARTIK Art & Architecture and completed in October 2011, the multi-use building was a collaboration between the district, architect and school principal who were all involved in the design. This was also the first attempt by the San Jose Unified School District for a LEED® certified building.
Catherine Jacobsen, LEED® AP BD+C, designer at ARTIK, led the project team through the maze of green construction. “Being that this was a LEED® project, we experimented with different materials and design approaches that were unfamiliar. I learned how to best work with specific materials to get the outcome originally intended.”
The multi-use building is used as a cafeteria, for indoor sports, assembly and is available for community use.  Construction of the building meant the use of very high impact materials in order to withstand the indoor sports use. Examples include high impact sheetrock, paper stone paneling, concrete floor and exposed concrete curb that were all chosen for ease of maintenance and to withstand sports use. Also, the windows were placed extremely high to allow for natural lighting, but minimizing damage.
Using Dunn-Edwards eco-friendly paint and the Perfect Palette color system, here are the colors used on the building:
Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette® Exterior Colors Used
DEC776 Courtyard Green

DE6084 Roxy Brown
DE5215 Caramel Apple
Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette® Interior Colors Used
DE6186 Desert Floor

DE6164 Canary Island
DEC769 Ranier White
Over 85% of material waste was diverted from the landfill in the construction of Broadway Continuation High School multi-use building. The insulation was made of recycled blue jeans, the tile was manufactured from recycled materials, and the solar array installed is estimated to meet the energy needs of the building and result in a net-zero building. "The goal for it is to produce the amount of energy the building uses. In a years’ time we will be able to assess if it can make that goal. The array is expected to emit 46,000 kilowatt hours,” says Catherine.
  • Sloped roof to maximize southern exposure for solar panel array
  • Window space maximized on the north side to maximize natural light
  • Reduced the heat island effect by maximizing landscape areas and pervious areas including pervious pavers and concrete. Reflective coating was also applied to the asphalt.
  • Minimized water flow to storm drains and the water that does make it to storm drains is filtered through a bio-swale and pervious elements.
When asked of the reaction to the building’s opening, Catherine simply stated, “They absolutely love their new building.”
Who is Catherine?  We dug deeper to find out more about her.
What was your first design job?
The tenant improvements for the relocation to the new building for ARTIK.
When did you know you were meant to be in the design profession?
I was attending West Valley College upon my graduation from high school. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I took a semester to explore my options. Interior design intrigued me and it felt like a good fit.
What inspires you in your designs?
The character of the space.
What is your go-to color palette and do you shy away from any color(s)?
Colors based on nature are my go-to colors and I really don’t shy away from any color. Orange is a color I can’t live without. It’s so warm, inviting and interesting!
What will we see next from you in design?
I’m working on a renovation of the Center for Employment Training here in San Jose, CA. It’s a historic 1920s building originally designed by William E. Weeks.
ARTIK Art & Architecture (San Jose, CA) provides full-service architectural and public art design for a wide variety of public schools, special education organizations and community buildings. Established in 1996 under the name Bill Gould Design Art & Architecture, Founding Principal Bill Gould had the specific goal of bridging educational architecture and public, participatory art. The philosophy combines economical, functional designs with an artistic, creative flair that results in extraordinary educational environments within the strict budgetary and schedule constraints of public schools. In May 2010, the firm transitioned to its new name ARTIK Art & Architecture, reflecting the evolution into a three-principal led firm.
ARTIK Art & Architecture is located at 394-A Umbarger Rd, San Jose, CA 95111
For more information,
Photography courtesy of James Dewrance and ARTIK Art & Architecture

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Linda Alejandro-DuMont says:
February 16, 2012 at 11:22 AM
I visited the ARTIK project, MTV Senior Center that Catherine also managed and it was a state of the art example for other schools and municipalities to follow. What amazed me was the use of color to bring nature inside and the feeling of open space and natural light. My hat is off to Catherine, ARTIK Art and Dunn-Edwards, for their commitment to sustainability for future generations. Keep up the good work - Congratulations to Catherine for her passion and talent! KUDOS! LAD

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