No Fail Color Palettes - Bluesy Moods

11/08/11    Sara McLean  |  specs+spaces Editor, Dunn-Edwards Corporation, Allied Member ASID, CMG

BLUE: evoking the natural beauty and expansive feel of sky and ocean, blue is a breath of fresh air. Serene and restful, blue has been a beloved color for centuries, and its many shades set different moods. Light blues are sweet and celestial, mid-tone blues are crisp yet soothing, and deep blues are reminders of power, security and trust.
Making Blue Work: promoting rest and relaxation, blue is beautiful though it needs an infusion of warmth to make the room cozy. Here are some tips to warm blue up:
-         in a blue and white color scheme, select an off-white, creamy color, which is warmer than pure white
-         use bright pink or a rosy taupe to offset the coolness of a watery or metallic blue
-         combine blue with dark wood flooring or furniture to add depth and richness
-         utilize textiles with pattern and texture to make sure a blue color scheme doesn’t become boring
-         in an all-blue room, limit the palette to two blues – a tint and shade of the same hue – and select accessories in intense or bright hues
-         warm up a blue space with accessories in antique brass, terra-cotta and brick-red coloring
Azure Skies: Azure & Berry Modern Touches: 
Turquoise and Taupe

Rustic Taupe (DE6129)

Sail Away (DE5836)

Astral (DE5856)

Bodega Bay (DE5893)

Cherry Hill (DE5069)
    Southwestern Clay (DE5124)
               Pale Frost (DE5805)
           Desert Rock (DE6066)

Antique Perfection:
French Blue&Alabaster
A Dash of Color: Slate and Gold
           Anchors Away (DE5814)
            Misted Eve (DE5884)
         Blueberry Muffin (DE5851)
            Sand Dollar (DE6171)
                Gray Wolf (DE6354)
           Crystal Haze (DE6219)
           Exclusive Ivory (DE6191)

Highlight Gold (DEC731)

Blue Lakes: Cerulean & Pearl

Beachcombers: Navy & White
          Lake Lucerne (DE5808)
             Bellflower (DE5908)
        Wandering River (DE5850)
                Cloud (DEC791)
          Revival Rose (DEC701)
           Hickory Cliff (DE6397)
               Soft Lilac (DE5974)
             Whisper (DEW340)

Stay tuned for next week's continuing color studies as we explore Purple!

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Sara McLean says:
November 09, 2014 at 11:44 AM
Hi Summer-this is Sara from Dunn-Edwards. That blue is a favorite of mine as well! - it's DE5801 Silver Skate. Happy painting!
Summer says:
November 01, 2014 at 10:19 PM
Hi Sara, I was wondering what color blue, is in the picture on the right? I absolutely love that color! Thank you so much!
Sara McLean says:
February 09, 2014 at 11:46 AM
Hi Julie-this is Sara from Dunn-Edwards. Since DE5851 Blueberry Muffin was too dark against the Glidden soft sage, I suggest moving up in value to equalize the 2 colors. For example, since the soft sage looks like it's made from a light-base, I would look at lighter blues such as DE5849 January Frost, which is approx 60% lighter than Blueberry Muffin. Other lighter blues to test are: DE5814 Anchors Away, DE5807 Bonnie Blue, DE5793 Frozen Tundra, DE5799 Snow Lodge. Happy painting!
Julie says:
February 07, 2014 at 7:40 PM
we have a Glidden Soft Sage in Flat for the living room. wanted a wall that pops and went with Dunn Edwards Blueberry Muffin. Our room doesn't have a lot of light in it and now the Blue Berry looks dark does anyone have a SUGGESTION OF THE PERFECT BLUE TO USE IN A ROOM THAT DOESN'T HAVE A LOT OF LIGHT?

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