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Ernesto Garcia: Scottsdale Sophistication

03/03/12    Sara McLean  |  specs+spaces Editor, Dunn-Edwards Corporation, Allied Member ASID, CMG

Ernesto Garcia, Owner of Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC, and I sat down recently to discuss his design firm, share with us some of his recent work and to find out more about his personal views on color and design.
Foundations in Design
Knowing early on what he wanted to do in life, Ernesto studied architecture and has been working mostly independently since college, with the occasional association of other design professionals, builders, and industry people. His first design job came soon after college and was a remodeling project of a large residence his clients had just purchased. Ernesto recalled, “I was so ready to go from the ‘conceptual’ realm of school to the reality of design and construction! My clients were very adventurous and receptive to my most daring ideas and use of color. It was a wonderful experience I remember fondly.”

Design for Today’s Client
Feeling comfortable designing in many design styles ranging from French Country to ultra-contemporary, Ernesto’s training as an Architect came with a great educational study of Styles. And while he provides each client the home they want, Ernesto declared, “…having said that, I enjoy doing Eclectic interiors the most; they truly require knowledge of style in order to create a harmonious dialogue between pieces from different periods.”
Ernesto finds inspiration almost everywhere he turns and considers travel a must. One may find him wandering the narrow streets of a remote town to scaling the big cities all over the world in search of that “aha!” moment in museums to art galleries. Also, concerts are a place where Ernesto finds that his mind freely wanders through a design to come up with a surprising solution, “Ballet, classic or contemporary, I once did an entire living room based on some costumes designed for a Paul Taylor Dance.”
A Love of Color
With a love of color, Ernesto designs to the clients’ preferences in color yet never will shy away from a color. Explains Ernesto, “I never met a color I didn’t like. There is no such thing as an ugly color in my design vocabulary. There are colors not suited for one space, a specific use or a client’s taste, but I don’t believe in ugly or tacky colors; those are cultural associations. I call it “Chromatic Prejudice”.
The love of color covers a range of reds and blues and some Perfect Palette favorites that include DE5872 Lakeville, DE5820 Polished Silver, DE6012 Plumville and DE5937 Night Night.
DE5872 Lakeville
DE5820 Polished Silver
DE6012 Plumville
DE5937 Night Night

Design in Practice
The following projects showcase Ernesto’s use of color and commentary on the interior styling of the spaces.

Project: New Construction project
Clients: Residential clients who wanted eclectic and cosmopolitan-looking spaces and a true mixture of traditional and modern styles.
Perfect Palette Colors used in Living Room, Dining Room
DE6150 Gourmet Honey
DE6149 Cream Washed
DE6148 Antique Linen

“This triad gives a warm, gentle and refined quality to the room allowing the furnishings, art and rug to display their silhouettes and colors freely without competition.”
Outcome: “They love their home and so do all their friends and family.”


Total renovation Project; received the 2011 Award of Excellence from ASID for residences above 6000 sq.ft.
Clients: A couple who had moved from New York’s Upper East Side and was used to formal spaces.
Perfect Palette Colors used in the Kitchen
DEW336 White Sand
DEW345 White Fever
DEW341 Swiss Coffee

Perfect Palette Colors used in Office
DE6153 Pyramid

DE6150 Gourmet Honey
DEW341 Swiss Coffee
Noted: The husband wanted a warm, masculine, serene and uncluttered space with some contemporary accents. “I set out to find colors that would fill the space and give it a warm and less abstract quality. Only a rich color like “Pyramid” could have given the silk draperies the importance and majesty in this room. Don’t be afraid to use saturated colors! They are your best tool to enhance other design elements such as draperies, upholstery and case goods.”

Perfect Palette Colors used in the Master Bath
DEW336 White Sand
DEW345 White Fever
 DEW341 Swiss Coffee

Noted: "
This is by far one of the rooms that received the most accolades in the house. My clients absolutely love it! When they give parties, there are tours of guests coming to see this bathroom. All the mosaic surfaces were custom made in Italy, and paint in this area had the delicate function of enhancing these precious surfaces. At the same time, the paint had to reflect enought light for the space to be appreciated in all its details and grandeur."

Perfect Palette Colors used in Nursery
DEW300 Coy
DE5280 Still Morning
DEW325 Vanilla Shake
DEW341 Swiss Coffee
Noted: "The nursery was designed to welcome a little girl into the family, and the walls display a harlequin pattern in very light pastel cream and rose. The subtle variation has the purpose of associating most of the elements of the room and provide a light background to accent pieces. The clients wanted a peaceful and light room where this girl could begin her life. Outcome? The whole family loves this room. These walls have witnessed every new smile and new word."

Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC, provides high-end interior design services for residential, commercial and hospitality projects in a range of traditional to contemporary styles. As an award-winning professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers, his work has been extensively published. Located in Arizona, between Phoenix and Scottsdale, Ernesto provides interior design services to many customers in Paradise Valley, and also has projects nationally and internationally.
To contact Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC, visit
All Photography with permission and rights of Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC

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Sara McLean says:
August 02, 2012 at 8:53 AM
Hi Flora - this is Sara McLean from Dunn-Edwards. Ernesto is traveling and not available at this time but I have forwarded your question and when he returns we will follow up and have him answer. Thank you.
flora says:
July 27, 2012 at 11:14 AM
I really like the bathroom, but how did you use the paints "white sand" "white fever" "swiss coffee"
Esther Faith Elias says:
March 24, 2012 at 8:12 PM
Like Woodgate's interior

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