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No Fail Color Palettes - Mysterious Purples

11/15/11    Sara McLean  |  specs+spaces Editor, Dunn-Edwards Corporation, Allied Member ASID, CMG

PURPLE: a product of opposites, warm red and cool blue, purple is an enigmatic color. In its deeper tones, it remains majestic while in its palest tints, it provides a refinement. Purple is a complex balance of opposites – sophistication and innocence. Bold purples typically play supporting roles in decorating, while softer lavenders, lilacs and mauves play the lead in color schemes.
Making Purple Work: 
        -      Keep purples vibrant or light and airy for a rich look in the design that won’t overwhelm.
-         Darker tones of purple absorb light so the color looks darker than it is. Break up an entire room of purple walls with a feature wall peppered with a pattern of purple and lighter tone. Utilize the powers of wallpaper or stenciling for this effect.
-         Add areas of white or off-white to inject a brighter note.
-         Choose fabrics with subtle shimmer, such as silks or velvets, or texture, such as natural woven materials or chenilles, to add extra depth
-         Play up purple’s majestic effect by placing opulent furnishings and mirrored effects to reflect light around the room
-         Choose accessories that match the purple wall color, throw in some accent pieces in a darker tone, and mix in some vivid pinks for bright contrast
Sunny Disposition:
Lavender & Olive
Bright Idea:
Purple & Aqua

Hazy Sky (DE5912)
         Soft Purple (DE5954)

Simply Violet (DE5941)
          Surfside (DE5765)
            Palm Frond (DE5522)
        Fresh Grown (DE5548)
             Light Beige (DE6211)
       Falling Tears (DE5792)

Punch of Power: Violet,
Orange & Red

Dramatic Stylings:
Plum & Platinum
           Tinted Iris (DE5961)
        Cloudy Plum (DE5984)
           Redstone (DE5082)
       Alpine Moon (DE5953)
         Deep Coral (DE5173)

Geyser (DE6037)
        Floating Feather (DE6142)
        Iron Fixture (DE6384)

Suite Dreams: Lilac, Pink
& Apple Green

Jazz It Up: Amethyst
& Gray Light
       Shimmering Sky (DE5960)
      Elusive Violet (DE6010)
          Olive Martini (DE5562)
    Purple Springs (DE5955)

Muddy Mauve (DE5016)
    Smashed Grape (DE5963)
            Light Gray (DEC789)
      Antique Garnet (DE6027)

Come back next time for our final installment of No Fail Color Palettes where we take a look at Neutrals!

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