Envisioning a New Bel Air

02/06/12    Molly Luetkemeyer  |  Founder, Principal Designer, M.Design Interiors, Inc.

During my interview with Molly Luetkemeyer, owner of M. Design Interiors, I asked her to describe a project where the use of color transformed the room to the delight of the clients. Here is her story.

I was working with a family in Bel Air and they had an enormous, sunken living room with 14 foot ceilings. We had been furnishing the room and I kept suggesting all kinds of color for the walls. The husband was hesitant to put anything on the walls because he liked to screen movies there. 
When the project was nearly finished, I sat with him in the room and asked him if he felt like something was missing. After talking for a while, he finally acquiesced to a painted mural on the largest wall, with the caveat that if he didn’t like the end result, we could repaint it white. 

Since we were adding this piece near the end of the project, I decided to pull the colors from all of the fabrics in the room as well as the adjacent spaces to create a link between them all. 
Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette Colors Used on Mural
DE5381 Summertime
DE5174 Claypot

DE5594 Jolly Green

DEW340 Whisper

DEA139 Nautical

DE5793 Frozen Tundra

DE6366 Silver Spoon

DEC714 Friar Tuck

DE5114 Mesa Rose
DE5802 China Clay
DE6350 Dark Engine

The result was really dynamic and the clients were thrilled. I learned that sometimes, even though I can envision the end result, the client needs to live in the space for awhile to come to his or her own conclusion. At the end of the day, this is their home and I want them to be comfortable and excited by all of the design decisions. It reminded me not to get attached to a particular process (i.e., start with the walls or floor) and to be open to allowing a space to evolve over time.
To find out more about Molly or to follow her blog, go to www.mdesignla.com   www.mollyloot.com

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