Prevents tannin stains from bleeding through.

  • Superior tannin stain resistance on wood, such as redwood and cedar
  • Excellent hide and enamel hold-out
  • Ideal primer for exterior T1-11 siding, plywood, doors, windows trim and fences
  • Available in quart, one-gallon, and five-gallon sizes


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EZ-PRIME Premium

EZ-PRIME® Premium
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EZ-PRIME Premium

EZ-PRIME® Premium is an exterior acrylic primer that provides excellent enamel holdout and tannin stain resistance on woods such as redwood and cedar, which are subject to stain bleeding. EZ-PRIME Premium is also recommended on exterior plywood and T1-11 siding.


Tannins are chemicals found in wood that cause staining on top of the paint film if the wood surface is not primed with the right primer. Tannins can rise up through the primer and stain the surface. EZ-PRIME Premium blocks and seals in tannins, preventing them from surfacing to the top of the paint film. The competitor’s products do not effectively resist tannin stains, thus allowing them to rise to the surface and stain the paint film.




In comparison tests, we applied EZ-PRIME Premium along side leading exterior wood primers on redwood boards. We then subjected the boards to a 24 hour cycle of continuous moisture in our QUV test chamber.


The result: EZ-PRIME Premium resisted tannin bleed better than any of the competing brands of exterior wood primers.



Test Method: A 5 x 1 1/2 x 16 inch redwood board is primed with equal amounts of various exterior wood primers (6 mil wet draw down side by side). The back side and edges are primed with EZPR00. After selected exterior wood primers are applied, the board is allowed to dry for 24 hours. A 100% acrylic exterior flat paint (SSHL10) is applied to the entire board (all six sides) and then allowed to dry for 24 hours. The primed and top coated board is placed in a QUV cabinet (with no UV light contribution)and subjected to one 24 hour condensation (moisture) cycle. After 24 hours, the board is removed, allowed to dry and results are evaluated.


Dunn-Edwards has a green legacy that makes us proud and inspires us to do more. We are firmly dedicated to the green principle of eco-efficiency, which we define as the ability to satisfy human needs in ways that minimize adverse impacts on energy and material resources, environmental quality, and human health and safety. EZ-PRIME is yet another example of this commitment.

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