Whether you’re the one painting or hiring a contractor, watch our how-to-paint video series for everything you need to know to make sure the job is done right — from start to finish.




How to Choose Paint Colors Choosing paint colors for your home can be quite a challenge. Learn tips for selecting the perfect color that’s right for you and your space from professional interior designer, Noelle Parks.  »
Selecting the Right Gloss In this video, professional interior designer Noelle Parks, shows you the different types of paint glosses offered by Dunn-Edwards, so you can pick the one that’s right for your project. »

Interior Painting Projects

Prepping a Room for Painting When it comes to painting, proper preparation is important to achieve the best results. In this video, professional painter, Cole Schaefer, shows you what you need to do to get ready to paint and the supplies you’ll need to get the job done right.  »
Why Prime? There are a number of situations where priming is crucial and in this video, we’ll go over the best types of primers to use for interior painting projects.  »
Painting a Room In this video, professional painter, Cole Schaefer, shows you the proper way to paint a room, from determining what painting supplies you’ll need, to how to use a brush and roller.  »

How to Paint Moldings and Trim We’ll show you how to properly prep and paint moldings and trim so you can complete the look of your space.  »

How to Paint a Ceiling Believe it or not, painting a ceiling can be simple. In this video, learn the right way to paint a ceiling.  »
How to Care for Painted Walls & Touching Up Discover tips for maintaining and protecting your painted walls and how to properly touch-up.  »
How to Paint a Stripe Wall In this video, interior designer Tracy Metro shows you step-by-step how-to-paint wall stripes with the sharpest, cleanest lines possible.  »
How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets A fresh coat of paint on cupboards can transform a kitchen and costs far less than replacing old cabinets. In this video, learn step-by-step how-to paint kitchen cabinets to make them look brand new.  »

Exterior Painting Projects

How to Paint a Front Door Learn how to properly prep and paint your front door the right way, so it will look like new for many years to come. »
How to Paint a Wood Gate Freshening up the paint on a gate is a great way to give the exterior of your home a mini-makeover. In this video, learn how to properly prep and paint your wood gate so it ends up looking its best. »
How to Paint a Wood Deck In this video, we’ll share tips on how to properly prep and paint an exterior wood deck. »
How to Paint Wood Siding Painting exterior wood siding usually involves a lot of preparation, especially if your house has gone too long between paint jobs. Learn how to properly prep and paint exterior siding so you get the best results. »
How to Paint Wood Furniture Learn step-by-step how-to paint an old, tired-looking piece of furniture and turn it into a brand new looking piece that you’ll love for years to come.  »

Painting Advice

How to Choose a Painting Contractor In this video, we’ll share tips to help you choose a reputable painting contractor, someone with good experience that knows the best products and tools needed to do the job right. »
How to Choose the Right Paint Learn about the differences between the different grades of paint and why using a premium paint can truly transform a home’s appearance and provide a durable finish that lasts. »
How Much Paint to Buy In this video, we’ll show you an easy way to calculate how much paint you’ll need for your project. »
Painting Tips and Tricks In this video, professional painter, Cole Schaefer shares some of his favorite painting tips and tricks to help make your paint project easier and make it look like it was done by a pro.  »
How to Properly Dispose of Paint Find out how to properly and responsibly dispose of leftover paint, other liquid waste and empty paint containers.  »
Remodeling and Home Design
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