Whether you’re the one painting or hiring a contractor, here’s everything you need to know to make sure the job is done right — from start to finish.

How to Choose Color The process of choosing a hue can be exciting, but overwhelming. Here are some guidelines to help you express yourself with style. »



Selecting the Right Gloss Choosing a gloss for your paint project can be challenging. We’ll show you some practical and aesthetic considerations for selecting gloss that will help you make the right choices. »



How to Paint Interior Get it right from the start! From preparation to clean-up, use this step-by-step guide to painting everything inside. »



How to Paint Exterior Protect and beautify! Use this guides to ensure your exterior surfaces are painted with the proper techniques and materials. »



How to Choose a Contractor From quotes and references to payment, we’ll talk you through the process of hiring a reputable painting contractor. »



Surface Preparation Safety Protect yourself from common hazards like lead, asbestos and mold using these simple precautions. »



Proper Waste Disposal Learn how to dispose of leftover paint, other liquid waste and empty containers responsibly »



How to Care for Your Painted Walls  Some preventative steps to protect your paint and keep it looking clean and fresh for as long as possible. »



How to Touch-up Painted Walls  Learn how to apply new paint so that it blends in with the old paint without obvious differences. »





What is VOC? Find the answer here, including what VOC has to do with measuring a paint's eco-friendliness. »


EG-Free® We were one of the first in the paint industry to totally eliminate the use of ethylene glycol (EG), a hazardous air pollutant, from our water-based products. Here’s why. »


greener by design® At Dunn-Edwards, our mission is to provide the best performing paint, while conserving energy and resources, reducing waste, and protecting human health and safety. Find out more about our eco-initiatives. »

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