Helping your clients select the right colors can be challenging and time consuming. Perfect Palette® is designed to offer a complete range of colors so it’s easier for you to help your clients create their vision. Choosing the right colors requires the right tools. Our color system includes a fandeck, store display and color rendering software that’s easy to use. Now you can help your clients select the perfect colors, every time.


FandeckTake all 1,696 Perfect Palette colors with you to any project. Our Fandeck has Dunn-Edwards' entire set of colors grouped together by family and includes:

  • 1,400 Core colors, 100 Whites, 100 Classics (our most popular colors) and 96 Accents
  • Sequential numbering in each section so colors are easy to find
  • Icons that provide important information about a color, such as:
    Alkali-Sensitive – may fade on highly alkaline masonry surfaces
    Interior Use Only – may fade due to low resistance to UV rays
    Low Hide – may require multiple coats


  • A store display locator number so you can tell your clients where to find their color chip on our store display
  • A sheen/gloss ladder with a corresponding gloss percentage for each gloss level name
  • An index that is alphabetical by color name and includes color number, light reflectance value (LRV) and Munsell information
  • We carried over 150 of our most popular colors from our previous palette -- the color names are the same but the numbers have changed to maintain a sequential numbering system.


Travel Kit All 1,696 Perfect Palette colors in an easy-to-go jobsite carrying case. Available only to qualified design professionals. Because this kit contains 9 fan decks that correspond to the 9 binders in the Perfect Palette library, it makes this color tool THE jobsite color tool. The case also contains space to place your color album and room for future fandecks.


Palette Previewer™Choosing color has never been easier! Our elite color rendering software helps you select the perfect colors for any project. Use your own images and realize your vision in full color.


Palette Previewer™


Store DisplayOur store display lets you and your clients see all 1,696 Perfect Palette colors and take color samples to help in the selection process. Our Stripe Card Chips consist of two types: one type displays three colors (lighter colors), and the other displays four colors (darker colors).These stripe chips make color selection easier because you can see the relationship of one color to another. Whites, Classics and Accents are individual color chips.


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